Cyclemon Says ‘You Are What You Ride’

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The super cool dudes behind this neat little website will hate me for saying it but ‘Cyclemon – you are what you ride’ really is a CUTE idea. There, I’ve said it and it didn’t hurt, did it!?

Thomas Pomarelle, a fourth-year student at the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris and his creative partner Romain Bourdieux, an interactive designer at OgivlyOne Paris, set up Cyclemon simply to pay tribute to all lovers of two wheels and to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Tour De France. The French pair have known each other since High school and are both incredibly talented designers, illustrators and web developers. They are of course cycling enthusiasts and Thomas tells me:

I’m a warrior in my hometown, because I’m using a VTT*. Romain was a hipster and a runner, now he’s a grandpa. Right now we use our bikes mostly to get around Paris, it’s so much better than the underground.

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Cyclemon took off when they were featured on the French inspiration website Fubiz and since then has rocketed to internet and Pinterest fame. To top it all off they’ve received several CSS awards for their website. Much to Thomas’s and Romain’s delight as they didn’t have any particular expectations for their project. It shows that once again the simplest ideas are often the best. The current enthusiasm for cycling combined with their simple illustrative style and use of candy colours has struck a cord with the masses and for all those who can’t get enough Cyclemon is now selling prints of the different cycling types.

Talking about the future Thomas tells me that the pair are currently working on a new project though he won’t reveals more than that it’s nothing to do with Cyclemon, nor it’s graphic style. I have to say that I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with and have to make sure Stylejuicer beats Fubiz to the post next time.

In the meantime, check out Cyclemon and find out which type are you?

* VTT stands for Velo Tout-Terrain, the French term for mountain biking

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Enjoy and I hope you’re inspired!

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